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Виртуальный минералогический музей

Один из моих друзей прислал мне интересную ссылку http://www.kristallkluft.de/Tourmaline_Gallery.html                 Проведите красиво время! Посетите Виртуальный минералогический музей! Так приятно в осеений выходной!

The pictures in this site are taken by The Crystall-Pocket from minerals from our own collection or from private collections from friends and family and are displayed with permission. Copyright for all pictures by The Crystall-Pocket 2006 - 2007! 

Please be patient while loading - we use high-resolution pictures throughout the Gallery! 

The pictures can be used free of charge for private and educational purposes as long as you  mention the source.  For any other use, publication, or distribution in any form (print, film, digital or any other media) a written permission is required!

Links to other Rooms in our Virtual Mineral Museum:

Tourmaline Room - Garnet Room - Quartz Room
Topaz Room - Spodumen Room - Fine Minerals Room 
Alpine Room - Namibia Room - Pakistan/Afghanistan Room

Multicolor Elbaite-Liddicoatit, Luc Yen  Recently, Vietnam has become an intersting and promising source of wonderful mineral specimen. In 2004 a pocket with pastell colored Tourmalines was hit in Luc Yen. The Tourmalines turned out to be Liddicoatit, and sometimes there is a core of Elbait. The specimen occur embedded in lithium mica (Lepidolit). Unfortunately, most touralines were removed from the matrix. The piece on the left was also violently broken off from the matrix. A lucky coincidence preserved the the matrix part with its large books of Lepidolith. The 2 halves finally found their way back together and were restored by Dana Gochenour. The Tourmaline alone was about 2 pounds. The inner part is Elbait, the outer part Liddicoatit.

Red Liddicoatit, Luc Yen The picture on the right is from the same localityin VIetnam, just a year later: in 2005 a pocket with large, red Liddicoatits was hit in Luc Yen. The wonderful pieces were displayed for example at the mineral show in Munich in 2006. This piece was preserved in the matrix. Most intereting, when turned around one sees that very often there is Amazonite associated in the matrix, which can be of finest cutting quality in Luc Yen. 

Multicolor Elbaite, AracuaiElbait 
from Aracuai (Brasil)

A multicolor Elbait starting from brwon-yellow, going into green with a wine red termination. 
8 cm hight

Pink-Violett_Tourmaline BrasilElbait 
from Minas Gerais (Brasil)

This about 6 cm high Elbait  tourmaline has an unusual combination of pink and violett hues (which are very difficult to capture in the photograph).


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